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Lizzy’s Miracle: She’s So Strong


Primary Children’s 12 Days of Miracles: Day 2

A nurse comes into the room with her cart full of equipment. 4-year-old Elizabeth, or Lizzy as she likes to be called, knows this means it’s time to test her white blood cells again. But after a week and a half at Primary Children’s, Lizzy has a routine to this simple test. She wants to be the one to rub the alcohol on her finger and instead of the nurse poking her finger, Lizzy has her dad perform the task with her favorite pink tool. The nurse then puts a shiny silver Band-Aid on her finger to make it feel better.

Lizzy was diagnosed with Leukemia on December 3, but that hasn’t dampened her spirits too much. From her hospital bed, she cracks jokes with her dad and nurses. The day Lizzy was admitted to the hospital, she called everyone, doctors and nurse, both male and female, Lizzy. It’s fitting for a young girl who loves Sponge Bob Square Pants just because of his laugh.

Lizzy says the worst part of being in the hospitals is the shots, because they hurt. The sweet nurses here at Primary Children’s have arranged for Lizzy to give her doctor a shot before she leaves the hospital.


Her favorite part of the hospital, the food, specifically the rice. Lizzy says she eats it every day and every night. But if you ask her what she’d rather be eating, the answer is chocolate in any form.
Lizzy’s dad Mike says his miracle this year is how strong his daughter has been through everything. “She has been amazing the past several days. She is very strong and a fighter.”

Her doctors and family are hopeful she’ll get to leave the hospital soon. She will have to return every week for treatment. But she’s not thinking about the chemo treatments. Lizzy is looking forward to going home and eating a big bowl of ice cream….chocolate of course.

One comment on “Lizzy’s Miracle: She’s So Strong

  1. my granddaughter is so very special. she has been loved so much from the time she has been born from very special parents. shes got the personality to beat this and maintain her happy and loving personality. i appreciate all the angels at primarys who dedicate themselves to helping those sweet children.

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