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Lexe’s Miracle: I can breathe

Lexe Primary Children’s 12 Days of Miracles: Day 9

“I had my whole life planned out. All of a sudden it changed. But in the end, it actually turned out well.”

That positive attitude is what’s kept 18-year-old Lexe Selman going during her battle with cancer. Lexe is a sports fanatic who eats, drinks and sleeps soccer. She was the captain of the Alta High School girls’ soccer team and has also played in several other competitive leagues. She received a scholarship to the University of Arizona to play for the Wildcat’s team. After a game in April, she got the news that sent her life plans on a detour. She noticed some large bruises on her leg. The bruise looked different then your typical soccer bruises, so her mom took her to the doctor. The next day Lexe’s doctor called and told her she had leukemia.


Lexe spent the next six months in and out of Primary Children’s undergoing chemotherapy.

The medication didn’t slow her down. On her third day of chemo, she hit the treadmill and ran three-quarters of a mile. At the end of the first round of treatment, Lexe and her doctor went for a run outside the hospital. Like many of the patients, she had to stay in the hospital for several weeks after each round of treatment to make sure her immune system was strong enough. She said during those times she went a little stir crazy.

Lexe Running

“I play soccer,” Lexe says. “I don’t lie around all day.”
But overwhelming support from her family, friends, teammates, and even the entire Wildcat soccer team, whom she had never met in person, helped get her through the long hospital visits.


In August, Lexe suffered a big setback. Her body developed an infection, which put her in the ICU. The infection caused her left lung to collapse, forcing doctors to put her on a ventilator.

“They didn’t think I would get all my lung function back. So my miracle is I survived. I got all my lung function back,” Lexe says.

Lexe finally returned home 17 days later for a small break. She returned to the hospital a week later to start the fourth and final round of chemo. Lexe has since finished up her treatment and now returns to the hospital for check-ups each week.

Lexe plans to attend the University of Arizona in August, where her new team and scholarship wait for her. She hopes to become a physician’s assistant, so that one day she can help other kids with cancer.

“I want to let the kids know that it’s going to be okay. Even though it doesn’t seem like it right now, it’s going to be okay.”

Here is a video proving just how unstoppable Lexe is. She was to simply perform the kick off by promptly kicking it out of bounds and then having someone else sub in. What she did instead will surprise you.

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